Woman with Braid

$ 10 USD


The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico annually on November 1st and 2nd in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Rather than a time of sadness, this is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of our departed loved ones and a chance to be thankful for life.  Family members often visit cemeteries to pay respect to their ancestors and build altars to honor them.  At times ancestors will wear shells on their clothing to wake up the dead with the noise of their dancing.  La Calavera, or the skull, is  a common symbol of the celebration.  The beauty of the bone-like surface of found expired sand dollars inspired San Francisco craftswoman Rebecca Chapa to embrace her heritage by honoring the gift of life with a gift from the sea.



Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

$ 50 USD

Hand stained, polished and sanded lazy susan perfect for holiday entertaining!  Delivery free in San Francisco


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Rebecca Chapa is the daughter of a Mexican migrant farm worker.  Her father Roman Chapa picked crops in Texas and California and was the only one of his brothers and sisters to graduate from high school.  Although raised in the suburbs of Westchester County, Rebecca embraces the culture of her ancestors and strives to honor them with her craft. 

Sand Dollars are a natural product.  Although we have sealed five “doves” and sand from Ocean Beach in your dollar, sand may sift through them.

Please handle with care as breakage could invite the beach into your home!



The Pacific sand dollar lives in sea beds below low tide.  Live sand dollars are fuzzy and covered in dark purplish spines.  They generally live six to ten years at which point their bare white exoskeleton may wash up on the beach.  


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